Commonly Asked Questions

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Q. What is NewsOne?

A. NewsOne is the news service of ABC News. NewsOne provides complete, round-the-clock news and sports content to ABC television stations, domestic and international news organizations and ABC News programs and platforms.

NewsOne provides the following services:

  • Collecting and distribution of regional, national and international news and sports material
  • Live reports and packages from ABC News correspondents and affiliate reporters
  • Special Event services, like the Super Bowl, Inauguration, etc.
  • File and Historic news footage
  • Feature video and packages

NewsOne provides material to support newscasts in all day parts in all time zones. NewsOne maintains regional bureaus in Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC with dedicated correspondents. NewsOne is in daily contact with ABC affiliates, and gathers video and editorial information 24/7 for distribution to NewsOne subscribers. NewsOne also works closely with the ABC News foreign bureaus, Associated Press Television (APTN), and international clients in covering international stories.

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Q. How do I know what NewsOne is offering each day?

A. The best place to look for information about NewsOne’s coverage plans each day is the “TopStory” advisory. The TopStory advisory is sent to your newsroom computer system several times each day and is always available on the NewsOne website. TopStory contains information on what correspondent packages we are providing, what live feeds are available, and information about live shots. From time to time, NewsOne also sends out information via separate advisories to your newsroom computer system. These separate advisories often begin with “ABCFYI” at the start of the slug (for example, “ABCFYILiveFeed”). NewsOne also has a Twitter feed (@abcnewsone) that delivers current information about NewsOne coverage.  We also use a "Voice Alert" system to send audio messages to each station via a squawk box at each station.  We also use e-mail to send alerts and advisories about our coverage to subscribers.  The NewsOne Live Channel slate also provides urgent information, particularly regarding our group live shots.

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Q. How do I find out what NewsOne is providing as tie-ins to ABC network programming?

A. NewsOne provides advancer material for many ABC News and primetime entertainment programs. Any advancer tie-in/promo material for ABC programming is always available in the Promos/TieIns folder of NewsOneNET.  If you have any questions about ABC tie-in content, contact Al Prieto at 212-456-3534 or at

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Q. How do I find out if an ABC News crew is shooting in my market?

A. The various ABC News programs work to alert stations when there is an ABC News crew shooting in a market. If you hear of an ABC News crew shooting in your market and you want more information, please contact Al Prieto at ABC News at 212-456-3534.

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Q. How do I contact another ABC affiliate?

A. Please visit our Affiliates page to access the ABC affiliate database containing stations contact information.

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Q. How do I get a custom live shot from a NewsOne correspondent?

A. Custom live shots are available by going to our website and clicking on the "Request Live Shot" or "Request Taping" tabs on the homepage.  There is a separate cost for custom live shots. Taped tags and taped intro’s are also available.

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Q. How do I request library video?

A. You can click on the "News Request" tab on the homepage of our NewsOne website to request library footage.  For sports video requests, you can click on the "Sports Request" tab.  You can also call the NewsOne newsroom at 212-456-4110 to make your request. Please be as descriptive as possible about the video you are looking for, include names, dates, times. And when making a request, please give us as much lead time as possible.  Please note that not all material that is aired on ABC News is available to stations and/or clients due to legal restrictions.


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Q. What is the ABC Affiliate News Director Advisory Board?

A. The Advisory Board consists of ABC station news directors and ABC News personnel. The Board works to discuss and resolve issues involving ABC News and its affiliates. Each affiliate is represented on the Board by market size and by geographical region. To see the current members of the Advisory Board, click here.


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For any information about NewsOne, you can call us at 212-456-4110 at any time.